The Team You Need for Your Home Construction Project

The Construction Team You Need

A successful construction project will need everything from high-quality materials to a reliable team of experts. When building a new home, who you hire makes a large difference in the pace of your project.

Without professional help, managing your project can stretch you thin. Below are five notable individuals to hire throughout your home construction process.


You’ll need an architect who can help design your new house. They plan for the look and function of the exterior space and make sure that no interior area is wasted. Architects can also make plans for redevelopment and reconstruction projects. 

Furthermore, they provide you with the blueprints of your home. You can work with your architect to ensure that everything meets your preference and style. They can also provide you with alternatives and help out if you need to make any compromises from your original plan.

Civil Engineers

Once your plans are finished, it is up to the civil engineer to inspect if they are structurally sound or disregard any important policies. These professionals also check on the foundation and materials you’ll be using. 

While they aren’t always on site, they’ll visit from time to time to make sure that the structure is safe for use.  


Another important aspect of your home is its plumbing. A master plumber makes sure that your house has a good water and sewer system. It is also the plumber’s job to make sure that the piping doesn’t interfere with the rest of the infrastructure design. Plumbers can also assist with other parts of your home, such as garbage disposal or gas pipes. 

Like an engineer, a plumber will need to ensure that their pipework fits the provisions set for the project. Their goal is to guarantee that the piping passes inspections on the first visit. 


Your project needs a contractor to oversee it. They usually have large crews who are knowledgeable of the construction process. 

On top of project management, contractors are also responsible for other tasks. These may include equipment procurement, predicting any possible changes to the project, and creating different strategies to mitigate risks. A contractor may also have a subcontractor to help manage the site. 

Interior Designers

Once the structure of your house is completed, an interior designer is called. They work on making your house aesthetically appealing while keeping your style in mind. 

Interior designers rely on different factors to make your spaces visually satisfying. These include furniture placement, color palettes, and decorations. However, an interior designer also keeps the infrastructure in mind. They make sure that their layout doesn’t interfere with the foot traffic in the house. 

Their other responsibilities may include estimating the costs of the interior decorations, picking good quality materials, and creating project timelines. It is also their responsibility to coordinate with the other craftsmen on the job. 

Get a Construction Team Providing High-Quality Materials and Services

Each role involved in the construction project is important, so take your time in putting together a trustworthy and responsive team. Hire reliable contractors with the help of Nuzum Building Supply in Viroqua, WI.

How Long Does it Take to Build a New Home?

According to the US Census Bureau, building a family home takes approximately 7 to 8 months on average. The complexity of a new build project and its surrounding area can impact this timeline. Custom homes usually take longer to complete compared to production homes, which can take approximately one year from start to finish with a contractor.

Many factors may affect your home’s construction timeline, such as labor shortages, construction supply delays, and unpredictable weather conditions. The best way to stay on track is to plan your project with a contractor and stick to the timetable throughout the process.


Building a House in the Midwest

Overall, constructing a new home in the Midwest can be a fast-moving process. Contractor-built homes take about 7.7 months to complete. However, homeowner-run projects can stretch up to 11.1 months for average completion.

Contractor-Built Homes in the Midwest

Customized homes take longer to build because they require more personalized details. Additionally, the timeline includes planning, permit submissions, and the actual construction process. It also typically takes weeks for contractors to build the foundation up to its frame.

Depending on your location, the process of obtaining construction permits and authorization can also be time-consuming. It is helpful to file all necessary paperwork in advance and submit it to your local government office on time. Once the construction permit has been obtained, contractors can immediately start building your custom home.

Architectural Designs of a Custom-Built Home

If your contractor-built home has a unique architectural plan, the building process might consume more than six months. The first few weeks of the construction process will include preparing the land, building the foundation, and adding the specific details of the design. Depending on your needs, constructing a brand-new home may require non-traditional modifications.

The larger your home is, the longer it will take to finish. Depending on the size and complexity, contractor-built homes may take at least 7 months to a full year to complete. Builders may also need more time to adjust their designs and requirements if you want a unique floor plan. Homes that require special materials may likewise cause delays or longer detailing.

Non-Construction Factors That Influence Your Timetable

Factors outside of the project plan can also cause delays. For instance, the land you’re building on may require some clearing before actual construction takes place. Unpredictable weather can also cause interruptions, as contractors want to ensure the job site is a safe work environment.

Similarly, the time of year when your home build is processed may affect the availability of contractors in your area. During the peak seasons of spring and summer, workers may be unavailable due to the high number of job orders.

However, it is possible to avoid some of these through proper early planning. Hiring a contractor who knows the ins and outs of the process also helps you in reaching your target completion date on time.

Build Your Home With Nuzum Building Supply

When it comes to finding the right supplies and the best contractors for your custom-built home, trust Nuzum Building Supply in Viroqua or Boscobel, WI. Contact us today to find a contractor for your new home construction.

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