How to Insulate Windows to Conserve Heat

We know you love staying indoors on a chilly day, just enjoying your personal time reading a book or catching up on your favorite TV show. However, an environment that is too cold is unpleasant. The last thing you want to do is wear layers of clothing at home.

A large portion of heat loss is due to windows, but they’re also an important part of your home because they keep the house cross-ventilated. The best thing to do is insulate them to prevent cold air from entering and still appreciate your “me time” indoors. Continue reading to learn tips on how you can start insulating your windows to conserve heat.

Use Curtains to Keep Heat In

Curtains are one the cheapest ways to insulate windows. Before modern insulation solutions arrived on the market, curtains have helped households restrict cold air from entering their homes. You can use curtains made of heavy fabric or an insulated window curtain. These types prevent heated air from escaping your home by creating a tighter air space for cold air to seep through.

You can hang more than two curtains together to create a sleek layered look that effectively keeps heat in. You can also use blackout curtains that reduce heat loss through the window by a fourth. As a bonus, they also reduce noise pollution by almost half.

Try Weather Strips to Control the Temperature

Weather strips are also a great way to insulate your windows because they seal gaps around them, making your home warmer. There are various types of weather strips, such as foam and V-type. This is the difference between them:

  • Foam Weather Strip or Foam Tape

The foam weather strip or foam tape comes in different sizes, which makes it ideal for irregular-sized cracks. It has an adhesive backing on one side and is commonly used for the top and bottom parts of window sashes. The foam strip is also the easiest weather strip to install.

  • V-Type Strip or Tension Seal

The V strip or tension seal is made of durable plastic or metal folded into a ‘V’ shape that springs open to bridge gaps. It is commonly used for sealing the sides of sliding windows and double-hung windows. It is also easy to use because you just have to cut to the desired length with a pair of scissors, peel, and then stick it to your window.

Apply Insulation Films to Your Windows

Another way to insulate your window is by using an insulation film, which is an item that looks like a food wrap. It creates a barrier between the interior of your home and your windows. These films can be bought from hardware or home repair stores.

Window insulation films are cheap but highly effective in conserving heat at home. They come in kits that include a plastic shrink film that is applied to the indoor window frame using double-sided sticky tape. You can use a heat source, such as a hair dryer, to shrink it and remove wrinkles.

Purchase Insulated Windows

Instead of using insulation products, you can also purchase insulated windows for greater temperature control that prevents cold air from entering your home. Nuzum Building Supply in Viroqua, WI is a locally owned business that offers high-quality insulated products from top manufacturers. We carry insulated windows and doors from Owens Corning, Knauf Insulation, Insulation Materials, and more. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Home Improvement Projects for Beginners

Jump in, get your hands dirty and have some fun with easy home improvement projects. We all start somewhere. You are never too old or too young to learn simple projects to better your home. Whether it is an upgrade or a fix, improving your home is always a good idea! Use your free time and these easy tips to build your skills and boost your confidence when it comes to home improvement!


Paint a room

If you want a fast and economical way to achieve impressive and immediate change to your room’s look and feel, a new coat of paint is your best friend. Whether you are freshening up a guest room or touching up a dry wall patch, painting is the final touch that makes your room feel complete. If you don’t like the finished project, no worries, just paint over it until you find what you like. Many paint stores will give you a sample can of paint to use on a portion of your project to make sure you get the right color on the first coat. Invest in a roller and pan, trim brush and clean up equipment to make the process go much smoother. While it can get messy, painting a room is something the whole family can enjoy doing together!


Install a fire pit

Create your family’s favorite outdoor gathering spot perfect for bonfires and smores by building a fire pit. This introduction to basic concrete work is the perfect project to really bring out your building skills. Evolve your skills into patio, tuck pointing, retaining walls and lots of other DIY home improvement projects! Masonry tools are inexpensive and easy to obtain. Use a trowel and tuck-pointer to make your fire pit and any future project easier and faster to complete.


Replacing cabinet pulls or knobs

Upgrading your cabinets and replacing the pulls or knobs is a quick and easy way to improve your kitchen without breaking the bank. It can be as easy as unscrewing the old and attaching the new piece. Don’t underestimate the look of new hardware on your cabinets and drawers. You can tie the entire kitchen or room together with knobs and pulls that match your style. Some complications can arise when using washers or a pull that is rusted onto a screw. It is very difficult to unscrew them with just a screwdriver; you need a power tool. Having a cordless drill is an essential tool for your DIY toolkit! Replacing your cabinet knobs and pulls to match the rest of the room will really complete your space.


Replacing a torn window screen

Whether it happened from a fallen branch, a pair of eager paws, or just simple wear and tear, most window screens are easy to fix. Repair the patch or replace the whole screen to prevent insects from entering your home and making your windows look more attractive. Window materials are inexpensive. A roll of screening and rubber spline to hold the screen in place are easy to find in your local home improvement store. Use a spline roller to make the project go smoother and decrease the risk of damage from installation!